I’m Lisa, and I live in Denver, Colorado. I've spent the last six years in San Francisco and New York City learning how to be young and restless, while also trying to navigate a career within various photography studios and retouching shops. My goal is to take less commercial work and find my bearings in Denver's artist community. 

I grew up in West Virginia in a small city surrounded by beautiful mountains and nature, and luckily Denver has that too. The big difference though - is life on the east coast vs. west. I'm finally finding my balance between the grind and having an adventurous life. 

On my off days I'm either planning extravagant vacations or working on my newly found passion for the darkroom. Also running around and spoiling my dog, Murphy. Ask me how much I love him! 

I don't peruse much in the world of wedding photography, but I love doing portraits and almost any creative project you may have in mind, so hit me up here!

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